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Natural essential oils

Distilled or cold pressed. Natural essential oils are like wine. It depends on where the plant from which the oil is grown and also depends on the year. The weather is different every year. Therefore, the intensity of the aroma and taste of natural oil may vary. For an always identical aroma and taste of essential oil, we recommend oils that have been produced in the factory and are identical in composition to natural ones.

Naturally identical essential oils

Artificially created essences from oil, which are very similar in composition to natural. Often also the quality of the food.

The production of these oils is not limited by weather and other influences. These essential oils can be produced so that they always have the same properties, regardless of the weather, the method of harvest and the place of harvest. Alternatively, the properties can be adjusted according to customer requirements.


Essential oils are used for aromatherapy, as additives for perfumes and cosmetics, additives for massage oils and balms, for the production of candles, they are also used as food additives and an ingredient that enhances the taste and smell of animal feed. Other uses are possible. Very diverse use.

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